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The Sleep Whisperer helps you end your confusion about sleep and provides the proper tools to positively impact your body and mind with better sleep. These tools will not only help you take charge of your sleep, they will help you take charge of your life.

Dec 12, 2023

Martin Moore-Ede MD PhD is a leading world expert on circadian clocks and light. As a professor at Harvard Medical School, he led the team that located the human circadian clock. and showed how it is synchronised by light. He founded the Circadian Light Research Center which identified the key blue wavelengths that control the clock, and patented & developed the first evidence based healthy circadian lights. His new book THE LIGHT DOCTOR can be found on Substack at 

  • What is blue light? And does it impact our sleep and circadian rhythm?
  • How does blue light exaggerate difference between morning types and evening types?
  • How do you choose the right lighting to support beneficial circadian effect?
  • What should we look for when we source blue light blockers?

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Deepa is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author and a Yogini at OHA Health. Having a son with a rare adrenal disorder gave her insight into the working of the adrenals. Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 17 times NY Times Bestselling Author. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HeathTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020. Her book on sleep with HarperCollins releases in 2023. She has been featured on the award winning podcast 15-Minute Matrix and UK Health Radio discussing sleep.

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