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Nov 3, 2020

Dr M.J.Thomas is a Psychiatrist with over four decades of experience in mental health, anxiety and stress. He has been the Senior Consultant in Psychiatry is some of the biggest hospitals of Bangalore. He has published 85 papers related to psychiatry and mental health. There was no one better to discuss stress and anxiety.

While stress is discussed widely, the concept of what actually is stress, how it is connected to physiology and sleep, and how you can take control is a relevant subject in today’s world. Dr Thomas delves into aspects that are fascinating, including how several physiological symptoms and conditions are actually anxiety at play within the body. 

In this episode, we dive into: 

“Stress, Anxiety and Sleep"

  • Dr Thomas’ long experience in Psychiatry over four decades and the requirement of understanding stress and anxiety in today’s world. 
  • The connection between sleep disorder and mental illness. 
  • What is stress physiologically and psychologically through the eyes of a medical psychiatrist? 
  • The three aspects of stress: Stressor, Stress Experience & Stress Response.
  • Why has stress become so prevalent today? Why are we so stressed?
  • Agriculture to Industrial to Technological Era
  • What is anxiety? 
  • How can anxiety show up as physiological symptoms and conditions such as IBS, irritable bladder or palpitations?
  • What is the connection between your anxiety and sleep?
  • Rhythmic movements 
  • Train your brain

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