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Feb 2, 2021

Sonia Story developed the Brain and Sensory Foundations training for helping children, teens, and adults to overcome challenges using innate neurological-movements. These innate movements are used by parents, OTs, PTs, SLPs, mental health therapists, trauma specialists, educators, and health practitioners. Sonia was a presenter at the 2018 Autism One conference on how innate neuro-movements help with sensory issues. She trained directly with Harald Blomberg, MD and Moira Dempsey, and earned certifications to teach Rhythmic Movement Training and other movement courses. 

Her training courses are approved for professional continuing education for occupational therapists, physical therapists, and massage therapists. Sonia is the author of a white paper giving the relevance, rationale, and evidence basis for using these movements in OT and PT practice. Her work has been featured in the book, Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder, and in the books Special Ed Mom Survival Guide: How to prevail in the special education process and find life-long strategies for you and your child, and Same Journey, Different Paths, Stories of Auditory Processing Disorder.

Rhythmic Movement For Great Sleep


  • What led Sonia on this path to the fascinating world that you are now so dedicated to? 


  • How is trauma from early life a big part of your health and sleep? 


  • How does being free of anxiety change how controlling you are?


  • What are innate rhythmic and reflex movements? 


  • How can activity in certain primitive parts of the brain influence your personality creating patterns that do not serve you well?


  • What is the link between crawling and neurodevelopment?


  • What is a simple rhythmic movement that you can learn and use today?


  • How can rhythmic movements help you with fear and anxiety even if you are in a situation of threat?


  • How can you actually get someone to help you with rhythmic movement even if you struggle to do them yourself?


  • How are rhythmic movements connected to detoxification? 


  • This practice helps to keep the mind still. How do they support stress resilience? 


  • Why are they important for sleep?


  • How can someone start to integrate a practice of rhythmic movement on a daily basis to support their sleep?

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Deepa is a Yoga therapist for over two decades and a Functional Nutritionist for five. She brings together her experience in therapeutic & transformational yoga and deep learning in nutrition based on the principles of functional medicine to her practice Phytothrive. The focus has been on merging together the deep science of the functional world with the deep symbolism of ancient wisdom. She has a masterful understanding of the human anatomy with cohesive understanding of physiology to offer what can be classified as true bio-individual mind, body & spirit nutrition. Having a son with a rare adrenal condition gave her a deep insight into the working of the adrenals and the stress response, as it relates to all health and sleep.

Her articles have been shared by Dr Mark Hyman, MD, a 13 times NY Times Bestselling Author twice. She also gave the opening speech on Health Hacks at Amazon Web Services & YourStory HeathTech 2019 to heads of healthcare start-ups in India. Deepa has twenty years of experience in wellness, where she has focus on sleep nutrition, women’s health, detoxification, skin health and adrenal function. She is in the YourStory100 Digital Influencers Of 2020.


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