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Dec 8, 2020

If I take a look at each of us, there is so much of an interdependency which we have with the rest of the universe, that we tend to underestimate that. These are words of wisdom from our guest today.

Mukesh is a venture capitalist and the cofounder of Scital, a science community platform provider that enables students to engage and get mentored by experts from various industries. Mukesh has an excellent balance of large scale global corporate experience across the television and healthcare business combined with rich entrepreneurial experience both as a successful entrepreneur and as a Mentor and advisor to a host of startups and investors. Mukesh ran the Japan and LATAM operations for DIRECTV and was also involved in their successful bankruptcy turnaround. Subsequently, he founded Akeso Healthcare, a fast growing healthcare startup which got acquired by the Apollo Hospitals Group. He is a husband, father, spiritual seeker, mentor, entrepreneur and venture partner. We are talking with Mukesh about Eating & Better Sleep on a Budget.  This episode is packed with thoughtfully specific protocols to get you started on supporting your sleep and health while staying on a low budget. We are so excited to have him here today!

In this episode, we dive into: 

“Eating & Better Sleep on a Budget”

  • What made Mukesh so compassionate?
  • When local farms are established, eating local protects farmland. Reducing food miles helps alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce air pollution and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. Why is this critical to India?
  • In today’s world, health has become both talked about and moved in the direction of temporary fads and away from local application. How can nutrition and lifestyle recommendations be adapted in a way that it is extremely accessible, affordable and applicable to masses?
  • How can an anti-inflammatory diet framework be applied on a budget? What are actionable ways in which someone can eat healthy without impacting themselves financially?
  • If you compare your grandfather’s time to now, how have daily practices that impact sleep changed? What would sitting in a simple home two generations ago look like for morning and evening practices?
  • Each tradition has interesting sleep norms and culture that allow for local relevance to play. In Spain, siesta is a way of life. In Japan, people sleep on mats made of rice straw called Tatami mats. In South America, hammocks are used to nap. Do you recall any local traditions in India woven around sleep?
  • How can someone create a sleep space including the surface to lie on, mattress, linen all on a budget?

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