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May 18, 2021

Michael Gradisar is a Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist at the Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. He has published over 120 scientific studies, book chapters and books, including publications investigating the effects of screen light before bedtime. Indeed, he is one of the leading researchers into the links between technology use and sleep, as well as treatments for young people. 

Professor Michael Gradisar is a sleep scientist and a sleep practitioner. He’s helped improve the sleep of hundreds of small ones and tall ones. He is also a sleep teacher of high school students, university students, researchers and health professionals from all around the world. He is not a James Blunt look a like although he does like to joke around! 


Blue Screen Light Is The Number 1 Sleep Myth Of Our Time


  • How did Dr Michael Gradisar get fascinated with sleep science?


  • Why is the blue screen light the number one myth of our time?


  • What is the single differentiator when it comes to blue light?


  • Is the blue light myth just a marketing strategy to fuel the sleep industry and market sleep products? 


  • Does the nature of the stimuli matter when it comes to analysing blue light?


  • What are the two discoveries that Professor Gradisar made amidst all his research into blue light?


  • Is circadian rhythm also a myth?


  • What is Professor Gradisar’s approach to helping people sleep again?


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